Flavour Of Legacy

About Motaba Masala

Rainmaker industries presents Motaba masala, a brand rooted in the traditional Indian craft of grinding out fresh aromatic spices. Motaba uses pure high quality spices procured from a trusted community of spices vendors. All our products are made out of natural, pure and huygeic ingredients for various occasions. Motaba masala has the expertise to provide best quality product what all peoples wants in terms of taste, smell and health also. 

100% Natural and harmful chemicals free

Contains no health threatening preservatives

Approved by food & drug assosiation of india

Premium Quality Products

Motaba Masala offers a wide range of authentic spices, herbs and candies. The company is committed to delivering premium quality products for your kitchen with an Indian authenticity.

Healthy Spices

Motaba Masala is designed to inspire your everyday cooking. Motaba Masala is a range of healthy spices designed to boost your daily diet with a huge variety of classic Indian spices – native to the subcontinent for centuries.

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